This is weight loss coaching with heart and soul. 

Before the diet, before the gym – it starts with love. It starts with self-compassion. It starts with learning to trust yourself.

You are smart, funny, accomplished. You know you are amazing and you’ve got a BIG wish list of things you would like to be doing, but that weight still holds you back. Your wish list is becoming more and more like a waiting list, collecting dust until you are thin enough, fit enough, light enough to dive in with abandon.

But you already are enough. YOU. Yes, you.

You know this already, in your heart.


This is body positive weight loss coaching where we love ourselves first, last and always.  No more looking in the mirror with a wince. No more anger at ourselves when we make mistakes. No more putting ourselves down, ever.

You know how to lose weight, you’ve done it before. The problem is that eventually you go back to old habits or make a mistake. You feel bad and that starts a downward spiral into old habits and negative thoughts and the weight starts to creep back on. You’ve done it before. I’ve done it before, we’ve all done it before.

The good  news? The time to lose weight (from a place of self-love) has finally come. This is the place where that vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight ends and your new amazing, loving and inspired life begins.