Affirmations & The Art of Blow-Drying

I have a new habit! And it’s actually sticking! Something I wanted to start doing everyday but was not doing, and I figured out a way to make it happen, everyday. Yay, me!

The habit I wanted to start was daily affirmations. I love affirmations. I have a seriously crazy, negative voice in my head sometimes that assumes the worst, tells me anything I’m trying to do is useless or hopeless and just generally tells me nothing ever gets better – ever. And the best way to shut that voice up that I’ve found is affirmations. I just need a few minutes everyday to wake up my positive voices and tell them they are in charge for the day. And I want to do that as early as possible each morning.

Considering I’ve usually been a “roll outa bed, jump in the shower, dress & rush out the front door” morning kind of person, I barely had time to feed the cats let alone sit and do affirmations. I just found myself never doing it. I’d remember while I was driving – not ideal. Or while I was at work – also not the right place. Or while going to sleep at night – nice, but a little late to be really effective.

I know from the few times I was able to force myself to slow down that it was important to find time, but no matter how many times I told myself that it only takes 2 minutes to read my affirmation cards every morning, I never remembered to do it.

But now I read my affirmation cards almost every morning. How did I start? I took one of the things I’ve learned from my weight loss journey about the psychology of change. I know it’s hard to add new behaviour. Our minds love auto-pilot, just doing what we have always done, the way we’ve always done it. Ever wonder why you never forget to brush your teeth at night? Auto-pilot. What if I took an auto-pilot behaviour and hooked my affirmations onto it?

And thus, my new habit of reading my affirmation cards every morning while I blow dry my hair. I pick up my brush, blow-dryer and affirmation cards and sit on the edge of the bed and blow dry my hair. No struggle, no forgetting.

So, what’s one small habit you’d like to implement but you just never remember to do it? And what auto-pilot behaviour can you hook it to?  I’d love to hear what you come up with.




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