Stop Looking For Motivation

You know what I’m talking about. That feeling that you get where you think “I really need to be doing something about losing weight”.

And then the feeling that comes right after, that crushing sense of overwhelm and hopelessness that tells you how incredibly hard it will be to make those changes. Much too hard. Too many changes. Where would you even start? And you can’t keep it up forever anyway, right, so what’s the point?

If only you were more motivated!

So, then you wonder how to find the motivation.  You might even search on Google to see if you can find some ideas. Maybe a book on motivation. A story about someone else’s success. Or maybe you’ll feel more motivated tomorrow.

The thing is…. That’s backwards.

Sure, sometimes our motivation is high. Super high. We see a photograph that shocks. Or, a medical scare will jumpstart motivation. Or maybe you’ve just gone out hiking with friends and realized how out of breath you are compared to them.

If you are lucky enough to have high motivation right now – grab it and run! When you have the gift of motivation, don’t squander it – use it, try to immerse yourself in good, healthy habits as much as you can so that as it starts to wear off (and it will, it’s inevitable) you then have habits to keep you on track, not just motivation.

The problem is that those golden moments of motivation don’t happen every day and waiting for one big enough to jolt you into making huge changes so that you can start to reclaim your body and health is a crapshoot. You might not get one for weeks, months, even years.

The irony is that we think we need big motivation to make big changes. And it does work that way.

But what is also true is that small changes will create motivation.

Small changes won’t create huge motivation to change your life overnight, but it will create enough motivation to make another small change. And that small change will give you just a little bit more motivation. And that gives you the ability to make another new small change.

And like building a wall, brick by brick, those small changes can add up to massive, huge, weight-losing, life-altering changes that will astound you.  All without that crushing overwhelm and hopelessness of having to make huge changes all at once.

Don’t believe me? Test it for yourself.

Choose one small healthy behavior you could actually keep to for three days without too much difficulty. Something you can practically guarantee you can do but aren’t doing now.

Commit to that new behavior for three days. And commit to checking back in with yourself after those three days to answer these questions:

How do you feel about that new behavior?  Do you feel strong enough to add a second new behavior? How good do you feel for keeping that one small commitment to yourself? And how is your motivation compared to when you started?

Then lay the second brick in your wall. You can do it. You have the motivation.



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