“Life is too short to NOT eat chocolate.”

Maybe that’s true. But you know what’s MORE true?

That life is too short to be lived 50 pounds overweight in a body that makes you feel like hiding in your snuggie, with a bowl of ice cream on the couch, indefinitely.

You can lose the weight.

You can keep it off.

You can live happily in a body you feel comfortable in, without that voice in your head that says “ you look fat.”

Piss off, voice!

You see, so many people think that losing weight is a pass/fail thingyou’re either doing so well, following all the rules or you’re failing miserably, eating everything you can get your hands on. And that’s why, no matter which diet you try, it doesn’t work.

Because it’s not the diet, it’s you.

And I say that with all the love in the world. You see, you can eat cabbage for a week, or replace a meal with a shake, or sign up for a crazy exercise program and you WILL lose the weight for a while. But, until you deal with your mindset, you WON’T lose all the weight, or keep it off.

To lose weight AND keep it off, you have to go deeper. You have to dive in and look at what BS beliefs you have that aren’t allowing you to thrive. You have to regain your trust with yourself. You have to shift from the dieting and binging to normalizing your eating and trusting your gut (yup, stomach AND intuition).

YOU CAN DO THIS. I am 100% sure of it.

You see, I did it (more on that {here}) so I can tell you honestly , that this is totally achievable . Yeah, it’s gonna be challenging but not permanently ‘ cause that’s the secret, it does get easier promise! It requires effort, it will be tough at times, but it is so unbelievably worth it. Because YOU are worth it. Your happiness/future/life is worth it.

You can lose the weight in a way that feels good to you. You can stop worrying about how you look. You can stop obsessing over every bite you take. You can learn to trust yourself WHILE looking and feeling your best.

What you need is support. Accountability. A pro to show you the way. And (jump for joy!), you’ve found it.

I’m currently working with clients in 2 ways, one to one or in groups.

You & Me, Baby – 1:1 Coaching

The ultimate mindset attack! You, me and 4 months of mind and body transformation. We’ll go deep and figure out what what has been holding you back so we can find the methods that work best for you. I’ll support you fully and guide you through understanding your blocks. You’ll work through those stuck points to shed the pounds and finally build a life where you live in a body that you love, in a size that you’re proud of, with the tools to maintain it, for life .

What you’ll get:

● ONE 2 HOUR LONG CALL to jumpstart our journey together!

● FIFTEEN 30MINUTE LONG COACHING CALLS with me (one a week) so we can get super personal, explore your past, present and future, identify your triggers, and work to change your deepseated beliefs so you can make progress like never before (the kind of progress that the rest of your life is based on)

● 24/7 EMAIL ACCESS TO ME so we can celebrate successes and work through challenges as they come up! I’m here for you, totally!

● SUPPORT unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Look, I know how hard this can be and I know that it’s scary but I also KNOW that you can do this. I am your biggest fan, personal cheerleader and I will support you 100%.

● GUIDANCE from someone who has successfully done this before. Helping women shift their mindset for lasting weight loss is my zone of genius. I know that’s kind of weird to say, but this is my gift and I want nothing more than to help you feel AMAZING in your skin.

● A 100% UNIQUE, CUSTOMTAILORED CURRICULUM to suit your specific needs. As we go through the 4 months together, different topics will come up and we will tackle them one by one as needed.

You and Me, Baby – 1:1 Coaching is for women who want the opportunity to go really deep and get the support they need to change their body once and for all. It’s personal, private and will change your body and life forever.

Pricing: $897 (or $247/month for 4 months). Excited to start? I know I am! I can’t wait to talk to you. Have a couple of questions or what to know more? Either way, click here and schedule a chat with me. No obligations, no pressure, let’s just talk. I’ll answer any questions you have, we’ll get to know each other better and get you started on your way to a thinner body and thinner life.

Extra Love – 1:1 Coaching Add-on Sessions

Need more 1:1 attention to do the inner work? I’m here for ya! Repeat clients are welcome to buy single (or pack of) 1 hour long sessions.

Pricing: 1 session $125, 4 sessions for $297, or 12 sessions for $597.

You know what you “should” be doing. I’m going to help you actually do it.

Thinner Life Group Coaching

There is strength in numbers. And you, my friend, are not alone. There are plenty of other women who are going through the same transformation, and need the same accountability, support, feedback and friendship.

Thinner Life group coaching is THE place to come together for THREE whole months of guidance and community to help you succeed. Thinner Life Group Coaching includes:

● TWELVE GROUP CALLS where I’ll walk you through the strategies to shift your mindset and the building blocks you need to create the life (and body) you crave. These babies will all be recorded and emailed to you, so if you can’t be on the live call, no problem!

● ONE SPOTLIGHT COACHING session per participant. This means you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with me to work through your unique challenges.

● ACCESS TO ME, the EXPERT in KEEPING the weight off. I’ll be available to you in our private Facebook group as well as on our calls.

● MEMBERSHIP IN A PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY so you can get in the moment feedback, make connections, and share successes with a group of wonderful women who have a common goal.

Having a group of people who are going through the same thing is HUGE. It’s powerful, it’s transformational, and it’s all yours.

Pricing: $497 (or $197/month for 3 months) Next round starts January 2017 (just in time to conquer those New Years resolutions for good). Want to learn more, see if it’s the right choice for you? Click here and schedule a chat with me and I’ll tell you all about the course and answer any questions you have. Or, if you are sure you want to join, email me at valerie (at) thinnerlife (dot) ca with the subject Thinner Life Group Coaching and I’ll put you on the list to sign up when registration opens (but don’t do that – schedule a call, I love having a chance to talk to participants before they join the group and hell, it won’t cost you a dime!).